Golden EGGAre you an Entrepreneurial Go Getter and feeling scrambled by the economy and your responsibilities to your business? It is not unusual for entrepreneurs to feel scrambled by the different roles and tasks that are necessary to developing a business.  This is usually during the early days of a venture. So what happens when the scrambled feeling starts hitting overload? Entrepreneurs find themselves feeling very unfocused and this is when self-sabotage can happen. But this does not have to happen. I invite you to attend the How To Be an E.G.G. Sampling and see how you can use this program to get yourself back on track. During this teleseminar, you can begin to clarify your business vision, identify bad habits and limited beliefs that sabotage your performance, develop strategies to manage procrastination, performance anxiety, and the normal “ups and downs” of being an Entrepreneurial Go Getter. To learn more about the How To Be an E.G.G. program: When: Tuesday, January 13, 2009 Time:  12:00pm-1:00pm ET Format: Teleseminar Cost:  Free When you sign up, you will receive a bridgeline and a handout. Space is limited to encourage personalized attention and participation. To register or for more information, please go to