Earlier in the month, I commented on a post, “Take Time To Remove Hurdling businessmanHurdles” on the Inspired Startup blog written by Andy Liu. (This is a good blog with other posts that make you stop and think.) Like a lot of blogs that I read, the comments really fill out the post. There was one theme that seemed to dominate the comments that seemed unrealistic for most of us. This is the theme-We create our own hurdles and we should get out of our own way. I have no problem with the idea that we create our own hurdles. We do. We act out of some kind of fear or anxiety. We want to seem attractive, intelligent, or competent and we worry that we will appear unworthy in some way. The idea that we can simply decide that the hurdles are not going to exist anymore and we can get out of our own way is not realistic for many of us. So, when we keep messing up, we get to feel more horrible or ridiculous than when we started. Our beliefs are steeped in our national culture, our families, and our peer groups. Americans are regaled with stories of people who picked themselves up by their bootstaps and succeeded against difficult odds. These people do exist but…they are a minority. Is it wrong to have help from friends, family members, or colleagues? Is it wrong to hire a coach, a consultant, or work with a mentor? In business, we network so we have opportunities to develop clients or customers and resources that make our businesses more effective. Many successful entrepreneurs have mentors who encouraged them to act on their dreams. There is no right or wrong way to act. There may be a question about your beliefs and if they are creating distress for you. So, what do you believe about overcoming your hurdles?