In a previous post, Is Community Involvement Good For Your Business, I asked you to think strategically about how community involvement could be a part of your small business. I work with a lot of entrepreneurial business owners who believe deeply that their businesses should reflect their value system. I was just coaching one today who is about to launch a cool business that combines non-profit fundraising with music events.

Most of the time, I don’t write about my business or myself.  I like to keep this blog a place where we can talk about ideas, best practices, and not have it be an “All Elli, All the Time” kind of platform. This time, I’m making an exception. Community service has been an integral part of me since childhood. It seemed natural that this would be part of my business model because who you are is reflected in how you run your business.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners, I’d like to invite you to join me in supporting The 12 For 12k Challenge on Tuesday, September 29, 2009. We’re going global! I’ve been following the folks at The 12 For 12k Challenge for a few months before I decided to join them. As someone who likes to check things out before I endorse, I tweeted with Danny Brown (@DannyBrown) who is the founder and got to know him and the organization. I jumped in when 12 For 12k partnered with Unicef. (This is not to say that the other organizations were not worthy. They are!) In a nutshell, the goal is to partner with one charity each month and raise $12,000 for each charity through social media.

So why now? The 12 For 12k Challenge is partnering with Doctors Without Borders (Some of you may know them as Medicins San Frontieres) for September. Doctors Without Borders provides healthcare to people injured or ill due to civil unrest/war, exclusion from healthcare based on their ethnicity, status, or religion, and natural disasters. They go everywhere and anywhere! Not only that, the work is done by volunteers.

What’s going on? On Tuesday, September 29, 2009, Go Global 24 is going to be a 24 hour tweet-a-thon led by Henie Reisinger (@HenieArtOnline) and there are fabulous opportunties for businesses to donate prizes, sponsorships, and participate in great conversations spanning a variety of topics. There are 7 ways you can add your support so please visit the site to see what fits you and your business best. Embedded in all of this is a sense of fun and a desire to play. If you’ve considered 12 For 12k before, this event is different. Instead of asking individuals for their money, the focus is on sponsorships by large and small businesses. Imagine being able to reach more than 159 countries and banding together as global citizens!  No borders, no limits!  

Come on! Join us in global community involvement that is fun, meaningful, and remarkable! You’ll meet wonderful people who share your passion for making this world a better place!  

Photo by WillSelarep, iStockphoto