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The 3 Keys Coaching process supports building your small to mid-sized business exactly as you intend-

  • Are you seeking guidance and support as you step into the role of CEO or managing director?
  • Do you find it difficult to take the time to stop and reflect on your own growth and where you want to lead your organization next?
  • Do you want to refine your skills or eliminate the bad habits or negativity that is limiting you?
  • Are you considering expanding into a new market and wondering how to plan and keep everything organized while experiencing a different way of doing business?

By using a results-centered process and a short-term commitment, we can pinpoint just what supports your growth as a person  and a leader.  With the 3 Keys Coaching process, other business owners have achieved results like these:

  • Nearly half of all clients served have increased top line revenue by at least 10%
  • Successful hiring of additional employees in more than 25% of clients as well as 10% of companies that performed well enough to expand nationwide.

One to One Executive Coaching

One to one coaching provides small to mid-sized business owners and executives with a collaborative and confidential space so they can talk about their plans and dreams, explore their emotional life as leaders and managers and become more comfortable in their skins.  While I often partner with my clients to create a customized program, explore these coaching programs and see how they might meet your needs, schedule and budget.  Learn more

Training and Development

This is coaching in a group setting. Some business owners and executives learn better in a group setting and these programs provide that setting. Offerings often focus on leadership development, business planning, the CEO mindset, managing the emotional side, cross-cultural considerations and more. Learn more

Coming to the US?

Expanding in the US takes planning, preparation and an awareness that your role in your business will never be the same. Offerings include choices such as packages or simply what you need. Learn more about who I partner with and what might work best for you