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What is on your mind when step up to be the CEO of your small business?

Not sure how to balance being the technical expert and leader in your small to mid-sized business?

How do you describe your leadership style?

Would you be more effective with a clear, focused and personalized plan that reflects what you are really doing?

The CEO Mindset Leadership Development Program uses systems to keep you focused on the big picture, acknowledges that your business is its own “person” and facilitates the connection between your values and your business practices. Are you:

  • Confused what it means to take your business to the “next level” and want a practical system that fits you?
  • Feeling a dilemma about whether to hire consultants, contractors, employees or just keeping doing it yourself?
  • Unsure what to include in your strategic plan but feel confident you can produce a stronger, more vibrant business?
  • Not sure you can handle the emotional demands of your more sophisticated business but are still deeply committed to growing your business?

The CEO Mindset Leadership Development Program is designed for small business owners and executives to give them an competitive edge. They are stepping up to guide their organizations to grow revenue, manage change, communicate well to reduce resistance and conflict while  with 5 focus areas:

  • What Is My Leadership Style? Identify your personal leadership style and learn tips and strategies to enhance how you inspire, envision and encourage your staff to go forward with you.
  • Do I Hire or Do It Myself? Explore the decision-making process of knowing when it is time to add staff, what kind of person you seek and the type of position you want to fill
  • Setting the Course-Strategic Planning Clarify where your business is going, potential obstacles and why the specifics are necessary to forecast failure or success
  • Getting the Work Done-Yours, Mine, Ours Delegation can be so challenging for small business owners. Identify what responsibilities you must keep as “CEO” of your company and how to provide useful accountability
  • Assessing How My Business Performs Take a more in-depth look at how a PESTEL analysis, SWOT analysis and your financials can be a treasure trove and not a burden when you want to know how well your business is growing

Want to know more? Download the PDF brochure CEO Mindset Leadership Development Program

You will leave with:

  • Understanding of preferred leadership style and necessary resources to maintain high level of performance
  • Explain succinctly what is intended for the growth stage and why now
  • Have clear framework to lead strategic planning sessions with team/significant staff
  • Design basic outline of business plan
  •  Awareness of different business analyses that identify strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities your business faces in current marketplace
  • Identify what roles need to be filled and expectations of these roles/jobs when they are performed by consultants, contract workers or staff

This step-wise program is for small to mid-sized business owners and executives who are serious about becoming leaders who create great businesses with less stress and clear results. Here’s what you receive when you sign up:

 5 stand-alone seminars or group it together into a full program

  • Two 1.5 hour sessions for each focus area that include coaching, consulting and conversation to help guide and train you to implement critical elements of the program
  • A manual that accompanies each focus area with tips and templates
  • Limited size small groups to encourage more conversation and ensure individualized attention

Take advantage of the CEO Mindset Leadership Development program and lead your small business through growth to profitability, predictability, stability and confidence!

Each focus area includes 2 sessions

What Is My Leadership Style? begins September 2014

Strategic Planning: Where Are We Going?

Do I Hire Or Do It Myself?

Getting the Work Done: Yours, Mine, Ours

Assessing How My Business Performs

Time: 1:00pm -2:30pm ET/6:00pm -7:30pm GMT/10:00am -11:30am PT

Where: Webinar

Cost: For each individual focus area $79.00 USD (€57.75 Euro; £46.01 GBP exchange rates as of July 2014 )

To register for the individual webinars, please see the payment options below

For whole program $295.00 USD (savings of $100.00 USD)

Payment plans:

Option A: Register for single program $79.00 USD 

Option B: 2 payment system of $147.50 USD 

Option C: 1 payment of $295.00 USD

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