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My speaking topics help small to mid-sized business owners and executives shift from being focused on the day to day operations of an organization…to taking on the broader role of a chief executive.

Whether a keynote speaker, a break-out session leader, or a guest speaker at an association, my CEO Mindset talks or my Mindful Management presentations (see all offerings below) include down to earth, real life examples that encourage executives to see themselves in a new role and their organization through a new lens.

  • Using the CEO Mindset For Small Business Success – Learn about the CEO Mindset and how it enhances both your leadership, management and self-understanding
  • Using the CEO Mindset To Grow the International Side of Your SME – This is a big step for any company and requires a clear-minded leader. Discover how you will grow as a leader, anticipate pitfalls and inspire your SME
  • Crafting your Leadership Style to Propel your Business Forward – Everyone has their personal way of leadership. Discover how transparency, authenticity and boundaries add to your executive presence
  • Mindful Management: Practical Guide For More Sane Leadership – There is an emotional life to leading a business. Explore how managing yourself is integral to managing others better
  •  Living Business Plans: The Best Kept Secret For Focused Growth – Design a document that fits you, your staff and business to foster focused growth
  • Connecting Communication Styles For More Effective Leadership Skills – Effective leaders know that communication is the most direct way to let someone know if you are attentive, engaged or…not. Finding your voice of leadership enables inspiration, motivation and productivity.
  • Same and Different: Doing Business In the US – Doing business in a new environment can be daunting. Discover cross cultural similarities and differences to smooth your path to successfully expanding in the US

Since I work with companies in Ireland and Northern Ireland, these topics can be crafted specifically for Irish small to mid-sized companies looking to expand into the US. You can learn more here.

Groups I have presented to include:

  • Rotary Club of Malden
  • Homebased Businesswomen’s Network
  • North Shore Business Forum
  • National Association of Women Business Owners-Boston chapter
  • The Experts Corner-Mass Innovation Nights
  • Downtown Women’s Club-Boston
  • Downtown Women’s Club-National
  • Princeton Entrepreneur Network-Boston chapter
  • Women’s Collaborative-Merrimack Valley Venture Forum

I am the host for the on-going Twitter chat, #KaizenBiz, which uses the concept of “kaizen” with business topics. This is a weekly chat that regularly draws 35-40 people from around the world

For more topics, check out my blog posts on Tweak Your Biz and on the blog page

Contact me for speaking engagements and/or customized presentations to organizations or companies in face to face or online/virtual settings. Please visit my Services page for additional information about my consulting and executive coaching services.


Media Interviews

I welcome interviews and do my best to accomodate all deadlines. You can reach me at (781) 258-9952 or by email.

Thank you for the opportunity!

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