Celebrate your small business successGiven the ups and downs of the last two years with my small business, I have deepened my awareness of how important it is to celebrate small and big accomplishments. In my latest newsletter (there is a sign up in the right hand column of this page, if you’re interested), I wrote about how celebrating is tied to looking ahead and I wanted to share some of my thoughts with you.

Looking back

What did you accomplish in 2012? The small wins are not to be disregarded! They are a key piece to the big wins. I learned this firsthand this year as I looked at my Irish business network and realized, I know some very interesting people and they have introduced me to other interesting people who have become clients. Incremental steps do add up, even when they don’t feel like it. And while it is easy to note the challenges and difficulties you may have faced over the year, it is essential that you acknowledge any successes.

  • Your doors (virtual or real) are still open and you have paying clients/customers
  • You hired new staff members
  • Your small business opened up a new market
  • Your small business moved to a new address
  • Revenues increased
  • You feel more confident in your leadership skills

How would you complete this statement?

During 2012, my best success was

This is the stuff that will keep you and your staff going as you begin 2013.

Success deserves a party (even if it is 5 minutes long)

Leaders/business owners are often advised to not get too caught up in a success. As in , there is still work to do and you don’t want to become complacent or over-confident. And there is wisdom to that. However, all of us need that moment of recognition that we did a good job.  Our contribution might have been hiring the right people and trusting them to do their jobs. It might be that you are the key business development person and you landed a significant client. By allowing yourself and your team to enjoy a moment of pride and joy, you are increasing dedication and motivation.

Let’s pop the cork and toast your hard work

Sure, tomorrow it’s back to the regular day-to-day but, for  now, well done! You have hit a milestone and you have something to show for it! The business accomplishments of 2012 are what nourishes and informs how and where you lead your small business in 2013.

Congratulations and now…onward and upward!

About the author:  I’m Elli St.George Godfrey, a small business coach and trainer who guides established small business owners to be comfortable in their own skin. I have a deep appreciation for learning and understanding my client’s business style and culture. Whether you are expanding in your own backyard or into another country, my 3 keys coaching process helps clients move from being excited about a new business opportunity to having the tools to make it actually happen. Curious? Schedule your complimentary coaching session here.