Small Business Owner Becoming CEOIt’s always interesting asking small business owners to imagine themselves with different titles and words. In a recent in-person presentation about the CEO Mindset, I asked what words or phrases mentioned came to mind in reference to “CEO”:

  • Chief executive officer
  • Buck stops here
  • Boss
  • Money
  • Big
  • Big desk
  • Big company
  • Coordinator
  • Most responsible
  • Overseer
  • Headaches
  • Me
  • Mentor
  • Out of touch
  • Working too many hours
  • Them
  • Creative Force
  • Leader

 So, what would Twitter folk say? Granted I was asking my followers so it’s not entirely random. However, you never know who is on and if they see what’s in your stream.

Barney Austen: Leader, Driving Force

Derek Edmond: Leader & vision

Celtic Seas: Most important role in an organization with or without a board

Gnosis Arts: leader, chief stakeholder

What does it mean to act as if you are the CEO of your small business?   With all of the different models of how to be a CEO, it make sense that some small business owners feel ambivalent about embracing or rejecting the title as CEO. If you look at larger corporations, you can see everything from criminal to inspirational. However, leading a small business is much more intimate. It is as likely that you will use your technical expertise while you are monitoring the greater organizational needs in any given day.

How about you? What words do you associate with the title of CEO?

What would happen if you chose to consider yourself as CEO of your small business?