When you think about yourself as a small business owner, do you think of yourself as the chief executive officer of your organization? Surprisingly for many, the thought just doesn’t even enter their minds. The strangest part of this is that the responsibilities are very similar.  Sure the scale of the business is different but take a moment to think. What do you really do as leader of your company?

 Take a look at this comparison and see if it sounds familiar:

CEO Responsibilities

Small Business Owner Responsibilities

Sets the vision and tone of what “X Company” is all about


Articulates vision (and, often, the mission) of what the small business is all about

 Designs and explains the strategy  of how the business will develops  and grow over time


Designs a strategic plan/action plan that includes product/service development as well as marketing

Seeks out the talent to make the above happen


Often connects with complementary professionals in network, hires consultants/contractors or employees to meet the goals set in the above

Keeps everyone accountable to the stated business goals


Sets up an accountability system with a peer, mentor, mastermind group or coach for own performance; Maintains consistent contact with complementary professionals, consultants/contractors or employees as accountability measure

Makes sure that revenues (and    even profits) are healthy


Knows “cash is king” so makes sure revenues are stable, growing and making a profit

 Still think you’re not a CEO?

For some people, it feels too grandiose. Maybe you’re a sole proprietor or it just sounds like it ought to be in a boardroom of a Fortune 500 company. That would be a mistake! Businesses succeed when there is someone dedicated to planning and executing the business goals. Sure, there aren’t always other managers that will implement your strategy. And sometimes the business owner has to act as technical expert.

It’s not about the size of your organization.

Nope, it’s not about size or even your business structure. It’s not even about putting those three letters under your name. It’s about having the CEO Mindset. Small business owners who realize that they are more than simply the worker bee are better positioned for challenges and opportunities.

There three things that they do well:

  1.  They understand and accept that their business is a separate entity.
  2. They make time to imagine and plan for the next quarter, the next six months, 1 year or beyond.
  3. They take care of themselves with solid advisors, healthy diet and rest.

How many of these things are you already doing?

You sure you’re not a CEO?