looking back at biz trends of 2010It’s really a simple question. What were the top business trends of 2010? I offered a list of 7 trends in this post (many thanks to Chanelle Schneider for responding to my tweet with suggestions) to get the conversation started. For this week’s chat on Twitter of #kaizenblog, we had a very cozy group. (A lot of our usual crowd was busy organizing, preparing and enjoying the Christmas holiday.)  Nonetheless, we tackled the job of looking at 2010 and seeing what trends stood out for us. To see the chat in its entirety, here is the transcript Transcript for #kaizenblog – BizTrends2010

What were the top trends for 2010? Judy Gombita led the way with her response, “A1 I think (or at least hope) that marketers are beginning to realize that social media is not meant for broadcasting messages.” This tweet led the way to an interesting conversation about how the use of social media morphed over the year. There seems to be some tension between talking to our customers and talking at our customers. Chanelle reminded us that broadcasting can miss certain target markets (Gen Y, for one) as they get turned off by the practice. Another trend that was noted was geolocation. This is when someone can post their actual location while sharing information on social medias sites.

The conversation about broadcasting spilled into our second discussion question, How did these trends shape business practices during the year? Judy Gombita noted that may of the Gen Y cohort send out broadcasting. Chanelle Schneider described how FourSquare “has us thinking that pushing LB updates is cool.”  However, M Zayfert explained, “#Geolocation very hot at start of 2010 then cooled. This led to a discussion that may foreshadow what might be coming in 2011. A number of people are noting that location-based posts may be intrusive to our privacy.

Another point that sparked discussion was Judy G’s point, “A2. To original answer, believe lots of CEO”s expected direct ( & fast) returns on social media investments regarding sales.” While it can’t be a blanket expectation that returns will be large or immediate, Tanja Ziegel put it into perspective, “Those biz already doing great customer service MAY see a fast returnfrom social media, not every biz will.” Perhaps one big trend in 2010 was the realization that social media is an effective tool for customer service as it give you a direct route to your customer.

Since trends often continue from one year to the next, the last discussion question asked, Which ones do you believe will continue in 2011? Parissa Behnia offered, “a3 virtual business partnerships…no need to “hire” someone if you work nicely together esp if you are diff states.” This seems to be very true as people use VoIP services, cloud computing and other resources that eliminate geographical obstacles.

 Before we knew it, the hour had passed and it was time to end the chat. There were many trends we didn’t get to take a look at but this could be your chance right now to continue the conversation.

What trends did you notice during 2010?

What kind of impact do you believe they had on business practices?

Which ones will last into 2011?