Conversation: 1.  Oral exchange of sentiments, observations, opinions, or ideas. or ideas 2. an instance of such exchange

“It was difficult to get a conversation going; everybody was talking too much” -Yogi Berra

Don’t get me wrong. I do love the opportunities that engaging in social media can bring. I get to blog with some cool business owners and professionals on Bloggertone. And I’m the host of the Twitter chat, #kaizenblog (every Friday at 12pm ET/5pm GMT) which brings me in touch with some special thinkers and fascinating people.


It sometimes makes me wonder if we’re too busy making noise so our small businesses (and ourselves) get noticed. Social media has given small business opportunities to compete against comConversation, Social Media and Small Businesspanies that are far larger and with greater resources. Customers can interact with us in multiple ways on our blogs, Twitter accounts, and Facebook. Even on LinkedIn, you can get recommendations about the quality of your expertise.

For some sites, there are limits on how many characters you can use. On our blogs, people aren’t always encouraged or allowed to comment on posts. So, is the art of conversation killed by this? If we can talk about any topic and at any length, are we just making noise or really exchanging ideas? There are people out there who look for opportunities to send out messages that are hateful or sales pitches. Are we really sharing our observations or just spewing our frustration and alienation?

Sure, the definition of conversation doesn’t say anything about being civil or polite. This is where the art of conversation comes in. There are business benefits to being adept at conversing with one another. It brings us opportunities to learn about who the person is that we are associating with. And…the origin of the word, conversation actually comes from the Latin conversari which means “to associate with” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). What makes them tick? What similarities do you share with them? What can you learn?

Are we just shouting at each other? Has social media killed the art of conversation?

Join us for the Twitter chat, #kaizenblog this Friday where we take up this topic and strive to have a conversation with one another. You can find us on Twitter every Friday at 12pm ET/5pm GMT/9am PT. Please consider yourself invited!