Sounds like a weird question, doesn’t it? Still it’s an important one. There are entrepreneurs who lead small businesses and there are people with jobs who are small business owners.

So, what’s an entrepreneur? Entrepreneurs are people who tend to be restless with the status quo. It is the combination of creativity, vision, faith, strong work ethic, experimentation, and tolerance for risk that keeps these small business owners searching and motivated.

Is there really a difference? Entrepreneurship is not for everyone and not every small business owner is an entrepreneur. This was totally brought home to me one morning at a networking breakfast. Before the program starts, they have a practice of everyone doing a 30-second pitch about their businesses. Two of the business owners expressed feeling stressed by their work. I happen to be going for coffee at the same time as them and nearly put my foot in my mouth by asking about their bosses. I think the patron saint of tact intervened and I ended up asking about their office stress. They described their workloads as very heavy, they just couldn’t delegate the grunt work, they were feeling incredibly bored, and that their admin person was spending time on personal phone calls. Then, they revealed… it was THEIR business!

Huh? What is going on here? They run the place! They own the joint! They can change what is not working! Then it dawned on me. Some small business owners really have a job. Generally, jobs are something we go to, the goals are set by someone else, and our autonomy tends to be limited. These are not bad things, per se. Some of us thrive in a structured environment. It is predictable, even when it is absolutely awful. These small business owners are merely working in their businesses and not thinking about innovation, further developing their skills, or what purpose their business serves. Maybe there is something to be gained by sticking with the tried and true. After all, this is the basis for the business in the first place.

Are you one? But what if this feels like a mind-numbing, soul-sucking way to work? Entrepreneurs can create any necessary systems, policies, and procedures. As one’s business grows, it is typical to discover that “what got you here ain’t gonna get you there.” You see this at Inquisix, Twitter,  and even here at Ability Success Growth  as we grow and understand ourselves and our clients/customers better.

Now, it’s your turn…are you really an entrepreneur?

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