Entrepreneurship is alive and kicking in Massachusetts! While there are entrepreneurs of all types throughout the state, Mass Innovation Nights introduces you to some that are brand spanking new and some that want to show their shiny new toys. Last Wednesday, I attended my first Mass Innovation Nights. After hearing from Betsy MacKinnon (@thebetsy) that it was an ideal place for me to network, I wanted to go see. I did not leave disappointed!

Mass Innovation Nights is the brainchild of Bobbie Carlton of Bobbie Carlton PR and Marketing. Her goal is to connect investors, media, people who want to purchase products and services, and entrepreneurs. The events are held at the Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation in Waltham, Massachusetts and are free and open to the public. (There is an after-party at Biagio’s for even more networking.)

I got to meet presenters from a number of different companies. Viralskool just launched a week ago and this startup focuses on crowdsourcing viral video production. There were two innovators that specialize in SMS text marketing; KaOoga and Jittergram. Another business provides an interesting service for people who are planning how to use new space, SpaceMax. Consider this as the liaison who thinks of about the efficient use of space that you have forgotten or were not aware of and the architect thinks you have already considered. For wine drinkers, there is a new app for iPhone and iPod Touch users. Check out Drync and you can remember and even get that great wine you loved at the restaurant. At the after-party, I was introduced to Bobbie who explained to me that these events are marketed solely through social media. Considering the size of the crowd, the message is getting out! The great thing about networking at the event and later at the after-party is that you get to put names to people like Jeff Cutler, Ari Herzog, Chuck Tanowitz, and so many others. (There are some people I need to meet properly as we somehow skipped the introductions.) If you are interested in new ideas, innovations, and entrepreneurship, definitely go to Mass Innovation Nights.