I’ve got a bone to pick with the Law of Attraction, well, not really the Law of Attraction, but the proponents of said law.

Here it is…you cannot think yourself to success. Argh! Blasphemy, perhaps? My beef with the proponents of the Law of Attraction is that there seems to be an oversimplification that belief is all you need to create the life you desire. Basically, if I believe that I will earn $1 million this year (which will increase my freedom and my fun) and if I don’t, well, I didn’t envision it clearly enough, I didn’t believe truly.

Now, entrepreneurs must have faith in their abilities, talents, and business model to succeed. However, belief is not enough. You must take action! Action is following your marketing plan. Action is building business relationships. Action is keeping your technical skills up-to-date. Action is launching new products and services. Action is continuing to provide your current products and services at your highest level. By all means, believe in yourself and your business! You definitely need that positive attitude!  Equally important, stay in motion.  This is how intentions become parts of your everyday reality.