Here is a great opportunity for all you entrepreneurs who want to be an Entpreneurial Go Getter!  I’m delighted to introduce a new program designed for entrepreneurs and intra-preneurs.  The best part is that I was inspired by a client who suggested I develop something like this for him and his colleagues.  (Thanks, P.S.!) So, let me tell you all about it!  

Are you an Entrepreneurial Go Getter?

Tired of feeling scrambled?

Trying to focus on where your business is going?

Having trouble getting out of your own way?

No matter what, do you know you have something special to offer?

Entrepreneurship is a process that both reflects and forms who you are.

Join us for a 1 hour tele-seminar and begin to:

  • Articulate the personal purpose for your business
  • Clarify your business vision
  • Define clear, actionable goals that support your business vision
  • Identify bad habits and limiting beliefs that sabotage your performance
  • Develop stratagies that manage procrastination, performance anxiety,  and the normal “ups and downs” of being an E.G.G.

And leave with an action plan that sets you on your way to make your business vision a reality.


When:  Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Time:  2:00pm-3:00pm ET

Where:  The comfort of your office or home.  A bridgeline will be sent to you before the seminar date.

Cost:  Free

For more information, call (781) 258-9952

To register, go to