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Growing your small to mid-sized business amplifies your leadership style, your relationships and the clarity of your plan. There is an emotional side to running a business – decisions, interruptions, delegation and interacting with your team and staff plus much more – which can augment how you connect, manage and lead your small to mid-sized business to its full potential.


Are you the president, founder, owner, principal, managing partner or CEO of your small to mid-sized business? Whether you have the title or not, now is the time to develop the CEO Mindset and enhance how you manage and lead your organization, design your corporate culture and faciliate change in your growth-oriented small to mid-sized business.

Are you thinking…

 executive coaching  expanding business in US

About how you have successfully grown your small to mid-sized business so far and it is time for the next step in leadership development?

Executive coaching is about moving from competency to excellence. One to one coaching maximizes your ability to communicate well, integrate your work and personal life and grow your business according to your vision.

About how to enter the US market and expand your small to mid-sized business internationally?

As an international expansion consultant, services for SMEs from Ireland and Northern Ireland range from initial planning, to connecting you with the right resources and/or walking with you through the whole process so you are established as quickly as possible.



“Becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself.

It is precisely that simple and it is also that difficult.”

                                                                                   -Warren Bennis

I’m Elli St. George Godfrey, executive coach and consultant working with small to mid-sized business owners and executives in the US and internationally.  When we work together,  you will gain support, opportunities to explore old beliefs and habits, reflect on who you are now and transform both you and your business.

The 3 Keys Coaching Process

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The 3 Keys Coaching process use behavioral economics and psychology to provide powerful learning stages to examine your own performance and the performance of your team. More than that, it provides you with a platform to identify your best leadership style and how to develop others.

Is it time to move forward?  I also train small to mid-sized business owners and executives like you to recognize how emotions and thoughts impact performance and develop personalized strategies to enhance your best executive performance.

Ability Success Growth offers confidential, convenient and cost effective options to lead your small to mid-size business through its next stage…giving you a competitive edge.

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